Sino German Crop Production and Agrotechnology Demonstration Park (DCALDP)

A Bilateral Cooperation Project

The Project

Since the reforms at the end of the 1970s, China's agricultural sector has changed considerably. After the success of the agricultural development in China during recent years, agricultural policies face major challenges especially in the fields of sustainability and environmental protection. The sustained increase in local production is a key element in securing food supply.

In addition to focusing on food security, China presently sets its priority in agriculture on the efficient use of natural resources like water and soil through environmentally friendly production systems. The target is to prevent the further loss of arable land and to maintain or improve the fertility of managed arable land. In this context, continuing the close cooperation of Germany and China in the agricultural sector offers vast opportunities for the further development of sustainable agriculture.

The Project 'Sino-German Crop Production and Agrotechnology Demonstration Park' (Deutsch Chinesischer Ackerbau- und Landtechnik-Demonstrationspark: DCALDP) will be carried out to work towards more efficient and sustainable farming techniques by means of modern agricultural machinery and adapted cultivation methods. The Chinese project partner SKIAD (Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Reclamation and Development Corporation) will provide an area of about 150 hectares on the Huanghai State Farm to the project for the implementation of demonstrations.


Project Goals and Areas of Action

Agronomists, farm managers and technical personnel from the Chinese agricultural sector receive trainings and attend demonstrations to acquire practical knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable practices of crop cultivation and soil improvement measures making use of modern agricultural machinery.

Important fields of action are:

  • Demonstrations in the field showing how potentials of plant production can be developed with modern production and management methods and, at the same time, soil fertility can be improved, crop rotations can be adapted, and erosion can be prevented.
  • Training programmes for the transfer of knowledge like, for example, farm organisation and management, or practical skills for an appropriate and efficient application of state of-the-art technologies and practices of plant production.
  • Training of trainers and multipliers, networking with colleges, universities and scientific institutions of the region.
  • Results and findings of the project will be made known to the general public through field days and general events.
  • Study trips to Germany / Europe to facilitate the active exchange between German and Chinese experts.


Project Partners and Cooperation

The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the People's Republic of China are the leading executing agencies of the project on the political side. The local project partner is the Huanghai State Farm owned by the SKIAD holding.

The consortium of AFC Consultants International / DLG International implements the project on behalf of BMEL.

The project is carried out in close cooperation with the German-Chinese Agricultural Centre (Deutsch-Chinesisches Agrarzentrum, DCZ) in Beijing.

The following business partners provide modern agricultural machinery and equipment to the project:


Contact Person:

Tesa Weiß

The project (project no.: CHN 15-02) is supported with funds from the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) via GFA Consulting Group GmbH.



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