German Experimental Fields on Digital Agriculture

In 2019 the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) launched the “Digital Experimental Fields” to support the digitization process in the German agriculture. The project will last for three years and has a total budget of 50 Million Euros.

14 different research projects at various locations in Germany have been initiated, dealing with all relevant topics of the agricultural industry. Most of these projects are carried out on private or public demonstration farms in cooperation with local universities or research institutions. The following videos provides a brief introduction into each research project.

All videos produced by BMEL, subtitled by DCZ. The original videos in German can be found here.

Digitization for milk production: Website.

Digitization for pig husbandry: Website

Remote sensing for plant production: Website.

Digitalizing agricultural production processes: Website.

Interconnected farm management: Website.

Digitization in cattle farming: Website.

Smart precision farming: Website.

Digitization in viticulture: Website.

Viticulture with UAV-systems: Website.

Small-scale smart agriculture: Website.

Interconnected digital farm data management: Website.

Digitization in plant production: Website.

Digital plant protection: Website.

Cloud infrastructure for digital farming: Website.