DCZ News Digest

The September edition of the DCZ News Digest is out now (open online or as PDF)! Don't miss out on the latest developments in the agriculture and food sectors in China and Germany.

Latest DCZ Activities:


27 September 2022

Every September, the World Economic Forum (WEF) organizes the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings alongside the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York. This year, DCZ expert Eva Sternfeld joined the session in Beijing to discuss with Chinese and German scholars about integrated land-use practices that could help China achieve its environmental and food security goals.


09 September 2022

On 9 September, the DCZ held a kick-off event to officially launch the third phase of the project. Organized as a hybrid event, participants from politics, research, and agribusiness highlighted the importance of further cooperation between Germany and China as food security and climate change affect the agricultural sectors of both countries.


30 August 2022

2,000 m2 of arable land would be available to every person on earth if the arable land available worldwide were evenly distributed. More than ten years ago, the Weltacker (Global Field) project was founded in Berlin – an educational project that cultivates the most important crops that would be needed if we wanted to feed the world’s population on these 2,000 m2 per person. On 26 August, DCZ expert Eva Sternfeld joined the first international convention of Global Field projects in Berlin-Pankow, giving insights into the production of a Chinese-language manual for Global Fields and the DCZ-supported creation of a Global Field project in Shanghai.

Latest Agri News:


21 September 2022

A new report by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) sheds light on recent food trends in China. Calling for a transformation towards a nutrition-oriented agrifood system, the report underlines the growing emphasis that Chinese ag policymakers place on nutrition and health, signaling a shift from the previous mono-dimensional preoccupation with yields and staple grain production.


29 August 2022

A new state-owned grain enterprise—China Enterprise United Grain Reserve Company Ltd.—was established on 18 August to manage China’s grain reserves. The company is a joint venture between China’s two major grain companies Sinograin and COFCO and forms part of the government’s efforts to reform the nation’s unwieldy grain reserve system.


17 August 2022

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) has selected close to 300 leading seed companies to form strong breeding clusters and advance the domestic seed industry.