IAMO policy brief: how war in Ukraine is impacting global agricultural markets


IAMO | 20 May 2022

A new policy brief by the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) – one of DCZ’s key partners – is taking a closer look at global agricultural markets in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Unpacking the consequences of the war on food security, particularly in import-dependent regions in the Global South, the brief emphasizes the importance of global trade in times of crisis.

In German newspaper FAZ and economics journal Wirtschaftsdienst, IAMO director Thomas Glauben, one of the main authors of the brief, warns of the rise of protectionism and grain export embargos, arguing that these will exacerbate global supply shortages and drive food prices even higher.

Source: https://www.iamo.de/fileadmin/documents/IAMOPolicyBrief44_en.pdf

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