17th “Insights on Agriculture and Rural Affairs” Forum by CAAS


18 January 2021

Dr. Aihemaitijiang Rouzi

Advisor Agricultural Sustainability (DCZ)

On 15 January, at the invitation of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS), Dr. Jürgen Ritter, German Managing Director of the Sino-German Agricultural Centre, Dr. Eva Sternfeld and Dr. Aihemaitijiang Rouzi participated in the 17th “Insights on agriculture and Rural Affairs” Forum.

The regular academic forum where scientists, policy makers and private business share experience and ideas on three rural affairs of China is jointly organized by the Center for Strategic Research and the Institute for Agriculture Economy and Development of CAAS. Focus of  17th edition, which was moderated by CAAS vice president Prof. Mei Xurong were trends in rural construction and infrastructure development. In this context Dr. Ritter was invited to give a presentation entitled “Experiences from German Rural development” in which he introduced status quo and challenges in rural development of Germany and funding and support opportunities available for various revitalization projects.

Other speakers included Prof. Zhu Qizhen, head of Research Institute for Peasants’ issues of China Agricultural University  Institute, who stressed in his presentation the importance of local farmers and limiting economic factors to be observed while undertaking rural infrastructure development. Researcher Li Guoxiang from Rural Development Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, emphasized in his presentation that rural infrastructure will be key component of 19th CPC Central Committee 5th plenary session’s  “14th Five-Year (2021-2025) Plan for Economic and Social Development and future targets for 2035”. Researcher Li Yurui from the Institute for Geography and Natural Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences outlined in his presention the discrepancies between investment for rural and urban infrastructure, demographic and social challenges in rural areas and proposed integrated development plan that could overcome these challenges. Researcher Wang Shaojun from the Institute for Agricultural Economics and Deveolopment of CAAS focussed in her presentation on issues related in road construction in rural areas and how to address them in holistic way. Finally, Mr. Ren Qiangjun, Vice director of agriculture division of Anji county, Zhejiang Province, in an online presentation shared the success story of Anji county, which has become a national model for successful establishment rural cooperatives and development of rural tourism.    

In the final session Prof. Mei Xurong invited the roundtable experts including several vice directors and party secretaries of several CAAS institutes and journalists from Farmers Daily to comment on the presentations  share their opinions and suggestions solutions. The session ended with a comprehensive conclusion by Mr. Zhang Hecheng, party secretary of CAAS.

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