2019 EuroTier China held in Qingdao


The largest international animal husbandry industry exhibition in China, EuroTier China 2019 (China International Fair of Intensive Animal Husbandry) was held from 19 to 21 September 2019 in Qingdao, China. The fair and relevant academic events were jointly sponsored by the National Animal Husbandry Service (NAHS), China Feedstuff Industry Association (CFIA) and Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG).

The Opening Ceremony of the 2019 EuroTier China was held at Qingdao International Exhibition Center in the morning of 19 September 2019. Mr. Shi Jianzhong, Director General of NAHS, Mr. Wan Jianzhong, Deputy Secretary General of Qingdao Municipal People’s Government, Mr. Wang Chongli, Director General of CFIA, Mr. Rainer Klepper, Agricultural Counsellor, German Embassy in China, attended the event opening ceremony. More than 300 enterprises from China, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Canada and other more than 20 countries presented their new technologies, machineries, equipment and products, applied in animal breeding, feeding, epidemic and disease management and in animal waste treatment in intensive livestock farming. According to the organizers, more than 20,000 entrepreneurs, traders and technicians visited the exhibition.

As parallel academic events before the exhibition, the following conferences and forums were organized on 18 September:

  1. First China National Animal Breeding Conference (Summit) hosted and supported by Department of Seed and Breed Administration, NAHS, CFIA, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA). Eight parallel forums on breeding technologies of swine, dairy cow, poultry, sheep, water birds, etc., were conducted;
  2. China National Dairy Conference jointly hosted by China Dairy Journal and DLG and supported by NAHS and Agricultural Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). Experts from China, Australia, Russia and Global Dairy Farming Alliance, reviewed the dairy production technologies and predicted the dairy market in China and worldwide;
  3. National Technical Training on Resource Utilization of Waste from Livestock and Poultry Breeding hosted by NAHS and co-hosted by Sino-German Animal Husbandry Project. 13 experts and animal farm managers from China and Germany presented concepts, technologies, equipment, facilities and successful cases in treatment and reutilization of animal and poultry waste.

On 18 September, Mr. Tang Zhishao, Chinese Managing Director of the Sino-German Agriculture Center (DCZ), Dr. Jürgen Ritter, German Managing Director of DCZ, Prof. Liu Yonggong, DCZ Consultant for Sino-German Agribusiness Cooperation, attended the plenary session and parallel forums of the above academic events.

On 19 September, the three DCZ colleagues visited Chinese and German exhibition stands and units and talked with the exhibitors about their business, equipment, technologies. During visiting the exhibition stands of Vogelsang Mechanical Eng. (Kunshan), Co. LTD, a German Mechanical Company in Kunshan of Jiangsu Province, the DCZ visitors enquired the market and sale price of the animal waste treatment equipment and facilities and discussed with two German managers about their market strategy, challenges and constraints in marketing their products.

Rainer Klepper, Agricultural Attaché at the German Embassy in Beijing, and Dr. Jürgen Ritter, Managing Director of DCZ, also visited another Sino-German cooperation project on vocational training in agriculture.


Invited by CLAAS, on 17 September, Mr. Tang Zhishao and Prof. Liu Yonggong carried out a half day enterprise survey to CLAAS Production Factory in Gaomi City, Shandong. During the visit, Mr. Cao, Deputy CEO of CLAAS Gaomi and Mr. Daniel Fuge, Market Manager, CLAAS Beijing, guided through the CLAAS production workshops and introduced different types of harvesting machines and equipment manufactured by CLAAS Gaomi. CLAAS is one of the active German partners for three Sino-German Agricultural Projects, DCZ, Sino-German Animal Husbandry Development Project and Sino-German Crops and Agricultural Technology Demonstration Park (DCALDP) in Huanghai Farm of Jiangsu Province. The DCZ visitors also invited Dr. Zhang and his colleagues to participate in the Sino-German Agriculture Week (DCAW) which will be held from 18 to 20 November 2019 in Beijing.


Reported by Prof. Liu Yonggong, DCZ Advisor  

Picture credits: DCZ       

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