DCZ experts gave an introduction on “Digital Revitalisation in China” to German audience


11 March 2021

Lea Siebert

Junior Expert in Agricultural Policy & Sciences

DCZ experts Dr. Eva Sternfeld and Lea Siebert were invited to give a presentation at the Chinnotopia lecture series. This program is organised by the University of Kiel and deals with the latest trends and innovations from China and their impact on society.

Under the heading “Screening Greening China”, the seminar on 9 March focused on “green technologies” and their potential as sustainable solutions in times of urbanisation and climate change. On the topic of modern technologies in agriculture, the two DCZ experts gave an introduction on the current challenges for China’s agriculture and presented policy responses for a “digital re-vitalisation” of rural areas as well as examples of innovative solutions of Chinese smart agriculture. Especially the challenge of applying modern technologies in the highly fragmentated Chinese agricultural landscape was discussed by the German audience. The keynote presentation was followed by insights into Chinese agribusiness developments, presented by Jens Oeding, former regional president Asia for CLAAS. Finally, questions and topics raised by the audience of 90 people were selected by the moderator and discussed by the speakers.

A recorded video of the presentations can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U184NUVBkUI.

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