DCZ participated in “Global Field” meeting in Berlin-Pankow


Dr. Eva Sternfeld | Head of Scientific Dialogue | 30 August 2022

2,000 m2 of arable land would be available to every person on earth if the arable land available worldwide were evenly distributed. More than ten years ago, the Weltacker (Global Field) project was founded in Berlin – an educational project that cultivates the most important crops that would be needed if we wanted to feed the world’s population on these 2,000 m2 per person.

In the meantime, other Global Field initiatives have been established in different regions of Germany and other countries around the world. While working with different concepts, the message of all these projects is the same: The earth has enough soil and resources to feed the world’s population, but it depends on how we use these resources and how we feed ourselves.

From August 26-28, 2022, the first meeting of the different Global Field initiatives took place at the Botanical People's Park in Berlin Pankow. On August 26, Global Field initiatives from different regions of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg presented their projects. Live via Zoom, the Weltacker project from Kenya reported on the seed bank that the project operates for local farmers.  Eva Sternfeld reported for China on the creation of DCZ’s Chinese-language manual for Global Fields and the Shanghai Global field created on the site of the Ecoland Club allotment project.

Afterwards, event participants discussed with Renate Künast, former German Minister of Agriculture and Food (2001-2005) and currently head of the Food and Agriculture Committee of the German Bundestag, the question: How do we respond to the global food crisis? Ms. Künast stressed the importance of local initiatives and the need to develop nutrition strategies on the ground, involving local governments and key stakeholders such as canteens of large enterprises, food retailers, etc.

More about Global Fields: https://www.2000m2.eu.

Download the manual "Weltacker" – Guide to the Creation of a Global Plot, Chinese Version from our website. Go to the Downloads area to see all our publications.


Video: Global Field project at Ecoland Club Shanghai


© Images 1-3 by Eva Sternfeld, DCZ

© Images 4-5 and video by Pan Tao, head of the Global Field initiative at Ecoland Club Shanghai

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