May 24-25, 2018 International Symposium on Soil and Sustainable Development


Tanja Jaksch und Eva Sternfeld (DCZ) participated in the International Symposium, an event held in Beijing jointly organized by FAO, Global Soil Partnership, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and the Beijing Soil Fertilizer Extension Service Station. Several presentations by Chinese participants focused on issues related to black soil. Soil degradation and decreasing fertility of black soil in North Eastern China has in recent years become one of the major concerns. Prof. Ren Tucheng (China Agricultural University) showed impressing experiments to improve organic content of the soils by no till farming systems and crop rotation. Soil pollution was another issue that was widely discussed. According to Natalia Rodriquez Eugenio (soil Expert Consultant for FAO) in China, every year an estimated 12 million tons of grain are not suitable for consumption because of soil pollution. For more information about the conferences please see the FAO website

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