Visit of Shanghai Ecoland Club Farm and Demeter-Certified Qinbang Jipin Farm in Nanjing

26 October 2020

Dr. Eva Sternfeld

Advisor Science Dialogue and S&T Platform

On October 24 and 25, DCZ science advisor Eva Sternfeld visited the Ecoland Club Farm (ECF 乐田农场) in Shanghai, Fengxian District, to discuss the prospects for implementing a “climate field” environmental education project at ECF with Dr. Pan Tao.
Dr. Pan Tao, a professional environmental planner has founded ECF in 2010 as the first Chinese “Schrebergarten” membership farm with a total area of 8.5 ha. Over the years ECF has grown to 200 members, who rent small plots for gardening, and furthermore enjoy the fact that the farm also provides some common land for agriculture production and public activities. At ECF Pan Tao and his team organize a Nature School Programme and promote international exchange on urban agriculture. (For more information about ECF and Dr. Pan’s philosophy please also read his cover story “China Rural Revitalisation- Challenges and Solution” in our DCZ newsletter No. 6, May 2019.  For more information please see ECF’s website: or follow them on Wechat).

Field at Shanghai Ecoland Club Farm

Dr. Pan Tao in his garden

Field at Shanghai Ecoland Club Farm

Between August and October 2020 Dr. Pan Tao had been assigned by DCZ as a short term expert to develop in close cooperation with the German Global Field (Weltacker) team a manual for educational activities related to the impact of food production and consumption on the climate. ECF has already reserved a plot of 2000 sqm for implementing the first Chinese Global Field next year.

During her visit Eva Sternfeld had the opportunity to observe a rice harvesting for kids at ECF and to give a lecture for parents presenting the DCZ and the development of organic agriculture in Germany.

Rice harvest at ECF


On October 25, Pan Tao showed us a new urban-rural agriculture project in Haiwan Township, Fengxian District, Shanghai. This educational farm will be developed on the premises of a former warehouse. Since recent regulations do not permit the construction of wooden cabins on agriculture land, for this project Pan Tao has developed different strategies such as refurnishing caravans and develop programs for company team retreats.


On October 26, Dr. Pan Tao accompanied us on the way back to Beijing to a certified Demeter farm in Nanjing, Luhe district. The farm Qinbang Jipin, which is known for its organic chicken and eggs, has over the years also developed a nature education base for children.

CEO Mr. Qin Jun has good memories of his visit to Germany on the occasion of the 2017 GFFA when he was member of a delegation with Minister Han Changfu and had the opportunity to visit organic farms near Berlin.

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