Workshop Smart Farming: Tools for digitization and data management in agricultural research


On May 15, 2019, on invitation of CAAS, DCZ short-term expert Dr. Carsten Hoffmann, a soil and data scientist at the Research Platform “Data” of the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), gave a workshop about “Smart Farming: Tools for digitization and data management” at the Institute for Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning” for scientists and PhD researchers at CAAS. The topic of the workshop is related to an upcoming conference and excursion to Germany organized by DCZ and CAAS.
In this workshop, different aspects of data management for smart farming were presented, obstacles and open questions on data ownership and security were discussed and current limitations, e. g. missing data platforms and different standards for data exchange, were presented.

In the third part of the workshop the current German research initiative BonaRes (“Soil as a sustainable resource for the bioeconomy”) was introduced. Possible solutions to meet requirements of researchers, such as data infrastructures to make data findable, accessible and interoperable for re-use, and of farmers, such as data licenses, data embargo, and fuzziness for spatial information were presented.
Forty faculty members, professors, PhD students and international students from CAAS graduate school participated in the half-day event. Dr. Hoffmann’s presentation was followed by a roundtable discussion where Dr. Hoffmann and the IARRP professors Zhang Bin, Wu Wenbin, Zhang Huimin, Xu Aiguo and Yu Qingyi talked about issues related to data accessibility and management, data management of long-term field experiments, digital databases for soil mapping and related topics.

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